Thursday, February 23, 2006

alas this sexy professor has found his way!

though a daunting task, i have some how managed to find my way through the mistic rains and muggy fogs to share with all you eager sexy readers my thoughts and knowledge. My journey has taken me from the ends of the world and back again, now as i set peacefully tucked in by the walls of my study i can breathe a sigh of releif to be home again. i will from time to time reflect on my life and enjoy with great sentement my many memories. for you the sexy reader, and for my fellow sexy professors i say this "life is like a penis; if left alone and untouched one will never experience the joys locked within, waiting only for a chance to explode into a joyous adventure"

until next time comrades!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yes we are sexy and professors

I think it is funny that the comment posted on our last post states basically that we suck and don't get laid. If one has to post such with such a caustic attitude please exercise some dignity and grace in your execution. I know that may be appropriate language and behavior around your cave or mobile living facilities. We will not lower ourselves to your Cro-Magnon attitude. So bang your club over your future spawning machine, but rember that is not sexy.