Sunday, March 12, 2006

Goodevening comrads, I hope this post finds you and all the many readers partaking in only the sexiest of sexy adventures! As for myself, I must admit I am, as always, lost in thought. Thoughts of a life lived and time well spent, thoughts of friends and loved ones both near and a far, but the most intriguing of all, thoughts of sexyness!! Do we find sexy with the man in the yellow hat? Do we find sexy in the bedazzled one? What if the two were combined, would that be sexy? What would be the outcome of that union? Would it be "the bedazzled man in the yellow hat" or "the man in the bedazzled yellow hat." Such thought inspires within me an urge to write and reserach the possibilities. Thus I must give into the urge to return to my scholastic endevors in hope of creating powerful works to benefit the world and all of man kind!!

Until next time comrads, enjoy life, be sexy, and think well!!


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