Monday, May 22, 2006


On the president's lower than low approval ratings Karl "Satan's Minion" Rove had this to say, and it is very telling about this administration

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Presidential adviser Karl Rove blamed the war in Iraq on Monday for dragging down President Bush's job approval ratings in public opinion polls. "People like this president," Rove said. "They're just sour right now on the war."

Just so we can get another look at his statement: "People like this president. They're just sour right now now on the war."

Ok let's look at this. If I recall correctly (and trust me they will try to work on our memories about this too) it was the President who was pressing for this war in the first place. Is there any accountability? As the commander-in-chief he should be held accountable for this war he is...the commander-in-chief. As this administration has shown over and over they do not want to have it is again...accountability. Nothing is their fault but they are willing to accept the kudos for things they had nothing to do with.

Oh and I didn't forget the last statement of "They're just sour right now on the war." Is that some indication that we will "unsour" in the future. It's all about how you put those magic words together. The Rover is place words in there that make the national mood towards the war seem transitory. No longer is it a permanent national feeling towards the war "This war sucks!" it's something that will pass "Right now this war sucks."

Ahhh words. They are magic and put in proper order you can cast a spell upon people.



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