Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bill O'Reilly

Let's skip the usual pointing out that people who watch the Daily Show know more about current events than people who watch FOX news. Let's skip that people who watch FOX are more likely to think we found WMDs in Iraq and there is a direct link between Saddam and al Qaeda. You can find all that in this link.

Let's go into Bill's logic. First thing's first his causal reasoning. Bill states that when he left university there were no drugs when he came back there were posters of music stars who were known for drug use and lo and behold drugs were all over the university campus. This is false cause reasoning. Bill is drawing causal relationship between drug use and music stars. Perhaps music stars were more open with their drug use because drugs were all over the place and therefore it was more social acceptable. Sorry Bill bad logic.

But the real funny part: He states that for our nation to survive and elect the best officials our people must be vigilant and knowledgable. I wonder if he thought his statements through because the whole while he's saying the people are bone heads and bone heads elect poor representation and look who we have in power; a republican congress, senate and president (worst president ever!). So Bill thanks for making the point that Bush wasn't elected because he's the right man to do it, he was elected because we have posters of drug users on the wall.

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