Friday, May 19, 2006

The blues in a red state...or is it?

The current political map looks a lot like this.

However, it is a long time (politically) between now and September. I wonder which tired old scam will the Republican play on next. Fear? Or will it be Fear? Perhaps it will be fear? Any way you look at it it seems like it will be fear.

Fear of the homosexual.

Fear of the terrorists.

Fear of illegal immigrants.

When will people get tired of this group who wants to scare the shit out of them all the time? Of course the Democrats will find a way to fuck it all up between now and november 2006/2008. But let me bask in the warm blue glow of this nation right now. And let me stop point my finger and laugh like Nelson Munce because people are finally coming to the point where I can say "I told ya so."



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