Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Political War

If you think there is no major political warfare going on in Washington you are either naive or not paying attention. There is a scuffle throughout the various agencies of our government and who gets it in the tail pipe in the end (really no pun intended...ok there was one but intially I wrote it not thinking of it that way but when I realized it I thought "Heh")? I'll give you a hint...last name Me, first name You, middle name And.

"Lawmakers and outside analysts said that while the execution of a warrant on a Congressional office might be surprising — this appears to be the first time it has happened — it fit the Bush administration's pattern of asserting broad executive authority, sometimes at the expense of the legislative and judicial branches.

Pursuing a course advocated by Vice President Dick Cheney, the administration has sought to establish primacy on domestic and foreign policy, not infrequently keeping much of Congress out of the loop unless forced to consult."



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