Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Quid pro quo

Prescott, one of our MIA Sexy Proffessors (He and Ricardo Honeyboy have not been frequenting this here blog it has been up to yours truly Phineas D. Whoopee to keep it real. The D stands for "Loverboy"). Let's get this baby back on track. Prescott "The Frozen Hobo" Worthington wrote a rhetorical analysis of the website Drunk Cyclist and sent it off to that ole Drunk Cyclist. After putting down his big gulp of Dr. Pepper and vodka he was nice enought to link to one of our posts. That really jazzed the Sexy Professors (especially Ricardo Honeyboy who took a moment from filming his movie Ricardo Honeyboy and the Sexy Female Space Banditos to smile and nod approvingly).

I found it very interesting, this quid pro quo of cyberspace. So with that in mind I figured I'd write a paper on a website I'd like to get some E-quid pro quo. So my next rhetorical analysis will be about the website Estelle Getty.

Gimme dat, gimme dat, dimme dat Getty!



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