Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sexy News

And now some sexy news brought to you by The SEXY NEWS AGENCY. The only news agency that makes the news even more sexy.

AMA Report: Dr. Dre not a real Doctor

New York (SNA)- In an announcement today that rocked the Medical and Rap world the AMA, American Medical Association, announced that rap icon and producer Dr. Dre was in fact not a licensed doctor.

“We were aware of Dr. Dre’s funky beats and dope rhymes but we weren’t too sure if he was an actual doctor licensed to practice medicine.” Said Thomas Whitey M.D. in a press conference. “So we did some research and found no registration of a Mr. Dre.”

With that revelation the AMA recommended that Dr. Dre cease and desist all references to himself as a doctor.

“He may be a surgeon when it comes to cutting up and sewing together the beats. And he may have a laser surgeon’s precision with dope ass rhymes but he is not a registered Doctor. I don’t even think he has a Ph.D. and that isn’t a Playa Hata Degree.” Said Lester Cracker M.D. a member of the AMA.

“Perhaps he can refer to himself as Mr. Dre. Or Well Informed Citizen Dre but we must insist he stop referring to himself as a doctor.” Said Dr. Whitey.

Dr. Dre has yet to respond to this shocking allegation.


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