Friday, May 12, 2006

The Sexy Professors II

Phineas walks into the room, removes his tweed coat with the elbow patches and puts on a clotting blood red and black smoking jacket. He pauses to fill up his pipe and light it taking long sexy drags from the pipe and looking thoughtful (all a tension builder). He walks over to the bar and begins to mix himself a martini.

Ricardo (as he enjoys some brandy from his snifter): I assume this sexy situation is of utmost importance.

Phineas (through clenched teeth holding his pipe): The utmostiest.

Prescott: does it have to deal with dead hookers?

Ricardo: Or live ones. I prefer live ones.

(Laugh track this is a dramedy after all)

Phineas: Unlike Count Worthington over there.


Phineas walks over to his leather chair and eases himself into it while placing his martini on the table next to his chair. He holds his pipe and looks thoughtfully.

Phineas: It appears our arch-nemesis Admini-Stra-Tor is at it again. A body of a young co-ed was found in the office of the President of the University while at the same time the President wants to cut funding to our college.

Prescott: Cut funding to our college! That’s an outrage!

Ricardo: What about the dead young lady?

Prescott: Well that’s an outrage too but the funding cut really hits home.


Ricardo stands up from his lounging position on the bear skin rug. He grabs a pen from the pocket of his smoking jacket and begins to twirl it around his thumb like all god debaters. He raises his left fist to the sky.

Ricardo Honeyboy: This looks like a job for the Sexy Professors.

Prescott: First job, Professor Honeyboy covers up his doodle.


To be continued.



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