Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Sexy Professors Show pt III

Scene: Outside the Sexy Lair (looks much like Hef’s place) it’s night time. The sexy lair is illuminated with a few ground spotlights giving it a sexy look of sexiness. The door to the sexy lair suddenly opens and the sexy professors come rushing out still in their smoking jackets and sexy pants. Prescott is still smoking his pipe while Phineas lights his as Ricardo begins to take swigs from a bottle of expensive port.

The three run to the Sexy Mobile which is a wicked cool van with a bubble window on the side and picture of a unicorn and a rainbow on the side. Phineas stops and points at the picture.

Phineas: I’m telling you Prescott this looks totally gay.

Prescott: That picture took me two days to paint I’m going to let it stay there another year then we can do your picture. Though I’m not sure how a Star Wars scene is any cooler.

Ricardo: I still think my idea of a Female Space Bandito in a skimpy bikini and large jugs would be the best one.

The three both look thoughtful.

Phineas: I’m going to have to agree with Ricardo on this one.

Prescott: But unicorns are sexy.

Ricardo: Sexier than a female space bandito with large knockers?

Prescott: We’re wasting valuable time. If we don’t get to the President’s office those so called “detectives” will get a jump on our solving the crime.

Ricardo jumps into the drivers seat while Phineas jumps into the passengers side. Prescott opens the sliding door to jump into the waterbed in the back of the van. He manages to get into a sexy pose like he’s all ready for some hot lady or female space bandito to come to bed with him. And there is a possibility that could happen.

Fire shoots out of the tail pipe of the van while Phineas looks out the side window at the fire. He leans back in to quip with the fellow sexy professors.

Phineas: That looks like felt after eating that Ethiopian food.


The three sexy professors zoom off into the night.

Meanwhile at the office of the president police officers are taking picture of the sexy dead coed. Not that she’s sexy now that she’s all dead and stuff but she was once sexy before she was killed.

A stereotypical hardboiled detective in a trench coat (with a suit on under it. He’s not a flasher…or is he) is standing over the body. His partner in a trench coat too comes in holding a pad and pen.

Detective #2: Well Sam it appears she was killed some time around 9 pm to 11 pm. As I’m sure you can already tell she was bludgeoned with a candle stick here in the president’s office’s library. Are there any more clues.

Sam Detective #1: We will soon find out. Just as long as we aren’t interrupted by those damn Sexy Professors. They always stick their sexy noses into our cases and some how through their amazing analytical minds are able to solve the crimes with sexy results.

Detective #2: And they never invite us to their sexy parties.

Sam: Yes sexy parties are where its at.

To be continued.



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