Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Sexy Professors Show

I hate to repeat myself. I mean I really really hate to repeat myself, but repeating myself helps people to remember those things that I need to repeat. Anyway...Now that I got out of the way that I hate to repeat myself let me get on to repeating myself.

Television is in a rut. All the shows seem to be about police officers, doctors, lawyers and families. That time has come to an end with the new show Sexy Professors. For the first time EVER you sexy readers get to read the first episode of the Sexy Professors here on our blog. I'm sure after you read this show (in a narrative rather than script because we need to work on the script a bit more and let's face it it's easier to write that way right now) you'll go bananas for it. You'll be dancing in the streets and singing at the top of your lungs "Finally a show that speaks to me and tells it like it is...real sexy!" Now I'm no witch or gypsy so I can't see into the future but I can make an educated sexy guess and I think that when television producers see people dancing in the streets they will want to cash in on that jiving so we'll get a TV show and before you know it you'll be able to purchase that OFFICIAL SEXY PROFESSOR ASCOT AND PIPE set.

The Sexy professors real names have been changed to protect their identities and protect their girlfriends/wives sanity.

Key to name changes:

D = Prescott Randolph Worthington III

G = Ricardo Honeyboy

T = Clark Brando

So sit back, relax and enjoy the first episode of Sexy Professors

Another Sexy Situation Pt I.

Prescott leaned back into his supple leather chair as he puffed on his pipe and read his latest article in Rhetoric Quarterly. When he sat back the leather was so fine it totally didn't like make a farting noise which would not have been sexy at all. He sat there deep in thought when he looked down at Ricardo how was lounging on the bear skin rug enjoying a snifter of brandy and eating grapes.

"I dare say Professor Honeyboy though I enjoy the academic pursuits we need to go out and solve some crimes using our academic skills and sexiness."

"I agree and while we do that we meet sexy young ladies who like to watch me dance."

They both nodded in a totally astute way that only a person with a PhD could really do. You know what I mean the way you totally can tell they are super smart and way sexy.

Suddenly Clark came in through the door really excited (not that way you perverts!).

"It appears we have another sexy situation upon us!"

(Theme music to play Rod Stewart's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy)

The opening credits consist of still shots of the professors being sexy, teaching classes, and jumping from large fireballs.

to be continued...


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