Monday, May 08, 2006

The Sexy Professors

The Sexy Professors in

Another Sexy Situation


D as Prescott Randolph Worthington the III

G as Ricardo Honeyboy

T as Phineas D. Whoopee

With special guest star

M as Seymour Manhoor

Scene: Close up of the cover of Rhetoric Society Quarterly. The first article listing the authors The Sexy Professors’ latest article Ascots, pipes, and martinis: The rhetoric of sexy. The camera slowly pulls out to show that Prescott Randolph Worthington the III is reading the journal. Prescott is wearing a blood clotting red and black velvet smoking jacket. He has a super sophisticated pipe in-between his teeth. The camera pulls out further to show lounge of the Secret Lair of the Sexy Professors. Prescott removes the pipe and looks up to the left thoughtfully. The camera follows his gaze to the mirrored ceiling then down to Ricardo Honeyboy laying on a bearskin rug in front of a fire. He too is wearing a blood clotting red and black velvet smoking jacket. He’s drinking burgundy from a crystal snifter. Two scantly clad sexy women come over to him and begin to feed grapes too him.

Barry White’s I’m qualified to satisfy you plays in the background.

Camera goes back on Prescott who comes out of his reverie.

Prescott: “I say Ricardo things are a tad boring around here.”

Ricardo: “I agree. Ladies please excuse us as we figure out what to do about this boredom.”

The scantly clad ladies leave the room, giggling of course.

Prescott: “If only we could use our amazing analytical powers to maybe solve a sexy crime…”

Ricardo: “That would be sexy!”

Camera moves to the door to the sexy lounge. It opens and in struts Phineas D. Whoopee. (cue applause sign). He walks over to the rest of the sexy professors.

Phineas: “Good day chaps. It appears we have another sexy situation.”

Theme song (Do ya think I’m sexy by Rod Stewart) plays for opening credits.

To be continued.



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