Thursday, May 25, 2006

Student evaluations

Yes it is the time of year where students can give there two cents on what they think and this is what some of the said:
- This was the sorriest instructor I have ever had.. He acted as if he was high on some drug when came to the classroom, rushed through material as if he had something better to do, and he continuously got into "more interesting" topics during class.. Ex. Mardi Gras, Spring Break, Etc.
- Very unprofessional. He was not consistent with his grading at all as far as speeches. When students come to him with academic concerns, he is not willing to give suggestions. Needs a lot of work as far as organization and professionalism in the teaching environment.
- I was very disappointed in the manner this course was presented. No matter how much work and dedication I put forth, neither my grades nor the teachers enthusiasm increased. This course was inorganic, random, and seemed unconnected with the school's requirements.
Same semester different class:
- I was required to take Speech 101. The class was overall not what I had expected I was honestly scrared, I did notwant to stand up in front of a class and speak, but made the room comfortable and really taught us a lot on howdy be relaxed. He brought in fun ways that you wouldn't realize you were 'speaking publicly' and which hepled ease the fears! Great teacher!
- I actually looked forward to goin to your class everyday. You made the class fun. The stories you told always helped illustrate your point.
- And bla bla bla

These are actual comments made by some students about me this semester from two different classes. These comments make me feel a bit bipolar, but such is the nature of the academy. I know there is a websites for rating professors like, but when do professors get a If there was such a sight I guess the comments would be similar to the one's students put up. There would be bad comments with no logic behind them and well thought out ones. After I made one of those rating websites and a student flamed me I printed it out and showed another professor and they said welcome to the club. So at the end of every semester I remind myself of that when I read the comments.

Why is it always the most angry students who do not get the grade they want or think they deserve who feels the need to write the most hatefully comments. Where is the accountability on the students side. Is it because it is easier to blame someone else for their failures? Hey, I know there are some bad prof's out there just as there are bad boss's and no one is above criticism, but back it up with logic and support not just sound bite statements that are inflammatory. I know it makes people feel better, but does it help and remember that just as much trash you talk think about what your prof's are saying?

If I were to write student evaluation like students write teacher evaluations this is what it might say:

Student A: They showed up for class late when they showed up. Also keep saying that this class is not suppose to be this hard and are asked to do to much. Did not follow directions on assignments and then complained with the grade that was given. Will more than likely write an angry comment when they evaluate the course and teacher.
Student B: Shows up to class regulary and never said a word never read any of the comments on their assignments and did change their ways.
Student C: Disrupted class constantly with comments that had to do with nothing and thought they were funny.
Student D: Complained about everything could not be pleased I wish them the best in the world they live in.
Student E: Brings in excuses that are hand written on notebook paper from their mom and expects it to work.
Student F: Is a horrible student does not take notes, show up for class, or turn in assignments on time. Do not have this student in your class.

I could go on and on, but enough I need a cocktail and a massage.


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