Thursday, June 15, 2006

All hail the conquering hero!

"He hath slain the dragon and through his appearance brought stability to this war torn land!"

Wow what a week! El presidente Bush has flown to Iraq and killed al-Zarqwi with his bear hands. At least that's what they want you to think by having him go to Iraq not long after the death of al-Zarqwi.

Bush's low approval ratings have lead Rove et al. to work on fixing those ratings because as research has shown a Prez with low ratings can not sway the public who in turn sway their congress-person who in turn can make and vote for laws. So in order to get those approval ratings up Bush had to reaffirm the visual mastery of the mythic president (Erickson, 2000). Erickson (1998) also stated that the images transmitted from such travels connote attendace to the affairs of state, concernt for the publics' welfare and the wielding of political influence. We can see all of those in Bush's sudden trip to Iraq. The trip and the images coming from the trip were loaded with messages. They would have you believe that Bush killed Zarqwi himself. And really who was Zarqwi? Was he the mastermind behind all that was wrong in Iraq or was he just one of hundreds of insurgents? I recall the day he was killed I was watching CNN and one of the talking heads/news readers stated something about how Zarqwi was the head of it all. That struck me as very Ethnocentric on our part. We as American saw him as the head of it all but if you think about it critically was he?

The fighting in Iraq is between all sorts of factions most importantly between various off shoots of Islam. Zarqwi had no love for the Sunni so would he be the head of those factions of the insurgency? No so does his death mean a turning point in Iraq? No.

That trip to Iraq was nothing more than another "Mission Accomplished" moment. Bush is trying to bamboozle the population into thinking he's a good president again. He is attempting to do that by sending coded messages to you and me through is travel spectacle to Iraq. When are we going to think critically about these rhetorical strategies and see him for what he is? He did not have a hand in slaying the great dragon our troops did don't forget that.

Though from what I understand some great info came from Zarqwi's death.



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