Monday, June 26, 2006

Clown Coitus

And now for the weirdest research I've pretty much ever heard of:

Sending in the clowns can significantly increase the chances that fertility treatment will be a success, Israeli researchers have found.

The team looked at women undergoing embryo transfers, where an IVF embryo is put into the womb.

Just over a third of women entertained by a clown conceived, compared to 19% of a group who were not, a European fertility conference heard.

Most hypotheses come from an observation. What the fuck was going on for this study to be conducted? Secret underground clown orgies?

Dr Friedler, who attended a movement and mime school in France before he entered the medical profession, said he knew fertility patients became stressed - and that laughter could reduce stress.

Could you ever trust a doctor who went to Mime school? Or one who thinks clowns create laughter instead of fear, anger, and shame?



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