Sunday, June 11, 2006

Say it four times real fast

BLOGBLOGBLOGBLOG. It sounds like the clucking of a chicken. The first ever YearlyKos where bloggers move to enter the political arena. Of course it would be stupid of me to make fun of bloggers considering I'm "one" but I'm not giving up my day job. Perhaps I'm being too cynical but the power elite is too entrenched in the Washington elite and perhaps bloggers will get the attention of a select few but I don't see blogging (kinda sick of that word after watching the YearlyKos on CSPAN) having any major effect. The only different effect it will have on the political process is the raising of small sums of money, slacktivism. The eventual killing of net neutrality will halt the leveling of the playing field for blogging. The 15 blogs that get the most attention will be able to pay the Telecom mafia and the rest of us will be screwed.



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