Friday, June 30, 2006

Sexy Police Officers

I, Phineas D. Whoopee, intiated the Sexy Professors by joking around that all the television shows out there deal with lawyers, doctors and or police officers. There is no representation of any other type of job which tells me a few things: (1)Television writers are hacks because if you're a good writer you can make anything "sexy" you just need to put your mind to it; (2) television producers are hacks because they assume those careers are the only ones of real interest; (3) viewers are brainwashed into believing those are the only careers worth watching; (4) I'm a fackin' genius because I could write (if i took the time out and got off my lazy ass) a show about sexy professors that would be both sexy and about a career that writers, producers, and viewers would not ordinarily think is a good concept (end the sarcasm about being a genius). So I made the joke about the Sexy Professors to my fellow Sexy Professors while at conference and they loved the idea. So this blog was born and boy oh boy was that a stillbirth. Any way it turns out that police officers are pretty stupid sexy.

A Hugo police officer has been terminated from his position. Hugo city officials say that a citizen took this picture of the police officer engaging in activities in his police vehicle.

You see the Sexy Professors would really work out because we wouldn't be as freakin' stupid as that cop because we wouldn't compromise our ethics in that way and we'd know better than to DO IT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!



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