Sunday, June 11, 2006

Standing on the shoulders of 3000 dead

Time to weigh in on the new Ann Coulter flap. Originally I was not going to give her time here on the Sexy Professors blog but I'm sick of her and her far right out of the mainstream apologists. Ann's argument, as usual, is full of shit because we have seen over and over that the right stand upon the shoulders of the 9/11 victims.

The worst abuser of this is of course the Bush administration. They have used and abused the 9/11 attacks and victims to foster an ugly evil atmosphere. I don' t think the RNC could have gotten any closer to the WTC crater for their 2004 convention. Bush constantly invokes 9/11 to shut critics up.

So who is really reveling in the deaths of 9/11 victims? The people who actually lost close loved ones or the people who barely knew someone or didn't know anyone in those attacks and use them to advance their political agenda?

The answer is clear.


...I didn't mean to answer the question with my name. I'm not the one abusing 9/11 I was just signing off all the while striking a sexy pose.


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