Monday, June 26, 2006

The White House has Sex on its mind

New White House chief domestic policy adviser Karl Zinsmeister had these things to say in an interview:

As Zinsmeister sees it, racial profiling by the police makes sense; the military, if anything, treats terrorist suspects too gently; and casual sex has led to wrecked cities, violence and 'endless human misery.' In a 'soft, often amoral, and self-indulgent age,' he warned, some children 'will be ruined without a whip hand,' and he assured that 'things generally go better with God.' . . .

Things just go better with god? Is he talking about toast? Toast just goes better with god? Or Chocolate? You got chocolate in my god! You got god in my chocolate? Things generally go better with God. Weird.

But what really sends this guy into Looney Orbit is:

About sex, he tells Wattenberg: "It's something -- it's intense; it's fire. It drives people to insanity. . . . People fall in love with prostitutes. People kill prostitutes. All kinds of things happen in the heat of sexual passion, so my point is because it's fire it needs to be governed and treated with respect and treated carefully."

People tend to speak from personal experience. What is this guy hiding. Certainty I can't mean that people fall in love with PROSTITUTES? Have you seen them?



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