Friday, July 28, 2006

Holy Longjohns Batman!

I honestly don't know enough about the religious background of Mormonism. I know the history from reading Under the Banner of Heaven, which is a great fackin' book! So I can not tell you if this piece of Anti-Mormonism Christian Propaganda is right or not, but it's funny. Especially the party with Elohim's sexy eyes he cast upon the Virgin Mary. How could any woman resist?

Kind of reminds me of the old SuperFriends.


Inbred Royalty

Idiot kings and imperial presidents.

I have a friend over in London who I'd love to be able to hang out with more often. To do that I have been coming up with communication ideas to study in Britain. I've come up with a variety of them and will one day begin studying them. I figure if I study these ideas I can, maybe, create a British Communication study at what ever university I'm working at in the future. I then can spend my summers in London.

What does that have to do with this article?


John Dean, the White House lawyer who famously helped blow the whistle on the Watergate scandal that drove Richard Nixon from office, says the country has returned to an "imperial presidency" that is putting the United States and the world at risk.

In his new book, "Conservatives Without Conscience," Dean looks at Republican-controlled Washington and sees a bullying, manipulative, prejudiced leadership edging the nation toward a dark era.

"Are we on the road to fascism?" he writes. "Clearly, we are not on that road yet. But it would not take much more misguided authoritarian leadership, or thoughtless following of such leaders, to find ourselves there.


I'm looking for a link other than the Bush Dynasty and how people react to Gee dub as if here were some divine right leader. I have not seen this kind of devotion to a leader since...hmmm...I've never seen this because I have not lived in a dictatorship or during Feudal times. What's really interesting about this "Imperail Presidency" is that they have mostly used words to create this cult of personality around the presidency. I'm tellin' ya, words are magic.


Huffing for a Brighter Future

When I was a young sexy lad I had a friend who was all into the "huffing scene". He and a couple friends I didn't like were all about the nailpolish. I didn't get into it because, well, something didn't seem right about sitting around breathing into a plastic bag full of nail polish.

That friend actually went on to become a crackhead, long after we parted ways. It might actually make a good after-school special about the gateway properties of huffing. I even have a great slogan for the show: "He went from nail polish to polishing knobs for crack!" To be honest I don't know if he gave any blowjobs for crack but hey I only have to say "Its BASED on true events."

Since then I've heard of all sorts of ways of huffin:. Butane on my brain, the classy paint huffer, and going where no huffer has gone before. But now we are entering a new age of huffing, the Grandma Age of Huffing.

Come to think of it there is someone in our program that smells of mothballs and cheap grandma perfume (SHES IN HER 40S!!!!) and she is always laughing about the stupidest things. Perhaps she's hopped up on mothballs (not goofballs)?


Fight the Power!

So you want to download music but you are afraid of an fucking crazy RIAA lawsuit?

Before I give you the link to how you can fight an RIAA lawsuit and win I want to rant about the RIAAs lawsuits against their own fucking customers.

First off they blame slumping sales on file transfers why don't they look at a variety of other reasons like THEY ARE CHURNING OUT SHIT! The same old shit over and over. Not it's not them it's got to be the people who keep them afloat.

Second, it's not as simple as they want you to believe. With new technology comes new and different problems for dinosaurs. There are a shitload of variables involved with what the RIAA wants you to think is and either/or situation.

Finally, even parasites try not to kill their host. So what does that make the record industry? A cancer?

So you want to download but dont' want to lose thousands of dollars on a law suit? Then use this defense and download away.


Far out!

I remember the year Growing Up Brady by Barry Williams came out. I went out and bought that book and read it in an afternoon. The one part that everyone remembers is Barry Williams talking about how he got stoned "once" and had to do a scene for the Brady Bunch while he was high.

Well my sexy minions here is that scene. Is this a case of Led Zeppelin's Here's to My Sweet Satan, where once you are told to hear it you hear it. Or is he really high?

I actually went to a store and got his autograph in my copy of Growing Up Brady. I bet that baby is like worth a uhhhh $.35.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I'm just going to post the snippet and the link. It's hard work being sexy all the time so I'm feeling a bit lazy.

The mammal’s environment exerts a survival pressure for high fidelity senses and responses, which require massively parallel processing, and thus the mammal’s large brain. Internal to the mammal is a vast and complex community of cells, organs, sub-systems, --- exerting instead a pressure for intelligence on its dwellers. Intelligence requires exceptionally fast processing of sequential logic, and thus a very small (in fact sub-cellular) processor.

The middle-ear-parasitic insect, 50M years in that intelligence-pressured environment, had an additional crucial advantage: the ability to genetically pass its knowledge to subsequent generations. It is hypothesized that that insect acquired a superior sub-cellular logic processor, and 6M years ago introduced it into the Chimp’s genome, causing its ‘overnight’ transformation to intelligent Man. A rare en-masse ear infestation case, supportive of this hypothesis is summarized, and additionally offers a physical model for schizophrenia, --- a baffling mystery in psychiatry today.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth:

I'm so sorry my faithful non-entities. I have not been here enlightening you and leading you down the path of sexiness.

I have been rather busy and when I wasn't busy I was being oh so sexy. I know that sounds a bit vague but let's just say mixed drinks and ascots were involved.

Nevertheless here is a link to something I thought you might find interesting.


Built upon Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression by David Martin, the following may be useful to the initiate in the world of dealing with veiled and half-truth, lies, and suppression of truth when serious crimes are studied in public forums. This, sadly, includes every day news media, one of the worst offenders with respect to being a source of disinformation. Where the crime involves a conspiracy, or a conspiracy to cover up the crime, there will invariably be a disinformation campaign launched against those seeking to uncover and expose the truth and/or the conspiracy. There are specific tactics which disinfo artists tend to apply, as revealed here. Also included with this material are seven common traits of the disinfo artist which may also prove useful in identifying players and motives.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Colbert and Cocaine are fun!

I've been a big fan of Stephen Colbert since he first appeared on the Daily Show not long before Jon Stewart came aboard. Since then my adimiration for the man has grown and grown and now he enters the pantheon of comic geniuses.


Thursday night's segment produced a new "high" or low for the "Colbert Report" show, depending on your outlook...

Rep. Robert Wexler, a Democrat who represents the Boca Raton area in Florida, skated through the first part of the interview segment with good humor...

His final approach on Thursday was to point out to Wexler that since he was basically unopposed for re-election this year he could probably say anything and it would not hurt him at all. So Colbert said, now this is "just kidding," but why don't you say that you use cocaine because "it is fun"?

Wexler laughed and amiably repeated "Because it's fun." Presumably he does not use cocaine, but he went along with the gag. Colbert, trying to get him clearly on the record, then said, no, say the whole thing, and Wexler dutifully replied: "I use cocaine because it's fun."

Then Colbert got him to say the same thing about seeing prostitutes-- and finally that using cocaine and prostitutes at the same time was really fun.


You know you won G!

The wet teeshirt contest muthfucka!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I realize this baby is pretty old now but I stumbled across it again and feel it is worth a post for no one to read.

Everyone knows that if you are going to operate a business in today’s world you need a domain name. It is advisable to look at the domain name selected as other see it and not just as you think it looks. Failure to do this may result in situations such as the following (legitimate) companies who deal in everyday humdrum products and services but clearly didn’t give their domain names enough consideration:


Monday, July 17, 2006

Train your body

This is pretty cool.

Read minds!

Your own! "If you're giving a speech the next day, review it before falling asleep," says Candi Heimgartner, an instructor of biological sciences at the University of Idaho. Since most memory consolidation happens during sleep, anything you read right before bed is more likely to be encoded as long-term memory.


The Haunted Post

I have tried to post this story many times and fackin' blogger won't do it.

One last attempt.


Lorna Jeanne Dudash was looking for love, but it might have been the wrong place to launch a search. The Oregon woman thought the cops who came by her house to investigate a neighbor's complaint were awfully cute, so she called 911 to try to track them down.


The website doesn't mention when the "cutie-pies" showed up they handcuffed and took her to jail.


Sexy Professors turned out on the streets

I'm so fucking sick and tired of people refering to and assuming that a University is a business and therefore students are consumers. It is not a fucking business, even though administration these days want it to be. It is a place of research and higher education which functions in a totally different world than a for-profit business with different culture and expectations.

This also makes us dependent on governmental funds and the government for sometime now does not want to educate the people.

Publicly funded higher education is on the ropes like never before. A 20-year decline in state funding for public higher education institutions -- where 65 percent of all four-year college students are educated -- is one of several factors contributing to what some experts describe as an American crisis.

In a critical collection, "What's Happening to Public Higher Education?" (Praeger Publishers), Cornell's Ronald G. Ehrenberg brings together the works of two-dozen researchers in the field of public higher education to spell out the sobering truths on the subject.


Follow up to Schadenfreude-alypse

I have found out that the thread where the Wacky Religious right are so happy about the pain, suffering and death of others has been removed. I wonder why. But thanks to folks at the Democratic Underground who had the foresight to snag a few of the posts here they are.

Is it time to get excited? I can't help the way I feel. For the first time in my Christian walk, I have no doubts that the day of the Lords appearing is upon us. I have never felt this way before, I have a joy that bubbles up every-time I think of him, for I know this is truly the time I have waited for so long. Am I alone in feeling guilty about the human suffering like my joy at his appearing some how fuels the evil I see everywhere. If it were not for the souls that hang in the balance and the horror that stalks man daily on this earth, my joy would be complete. For those of us who await his arrival know, somehow we just know it won't be long now, the Bridegroom cometh rather man is ready are not.

it has been quite a day today, if you caught all the news; I'm getting the feeling world tension is gonna be high for a long time with increased terrorism and nations being defiant. I don't think it will cool down until after the rapture when the peace deal is confirmed.

Ready, waiting and excited here! Still telling others whenever possible that the rapture could take place at any time because this world is in such a big MESS and evidently it goes through one ear and right out the other

My brother has witnessed to some of his friends over and over. He finally prayed to God and asked Him to spare their lives when the rapture happens. Dan has told them, "When the rapture happens, go to my house and read everything I have in this folder." They roll their eyes, but............I'll bet they run to find that folder when the rapture happens!

I too am soooo excited!! I get goose bumps, literally, when I watch what's going on in the M.E.!! And Watcherboy, you were so right when saying it was quite a day yesterday, in the world news, and I add in local news here in the Boston area!! Tunnel ceiling collapsed on a car and killed a woman of faith, and we had the most terrifying storms I have ever seen here!! But, yes, Ohappyday, like in your screen name , it is most indeed a time to be happy and excited, right there with ya!!

What do you call a person who revels in the death of others?


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Guess who's going to run for prez in '08

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich says America is in World War III and President Bush should say so.

Gingrich said in an interview Saturday that Bush should call a joint session of Congress the first week of September and talk about global military conflicts in much starker terms than have been heard from the president.

"We need to have the militancy that says 'We're not going to lose a city, " Gingrich said.

Gingrich said in the coming days he plans to speak out publicly and to the administration from his seat on the Defense Policy Board about the need to recognize that America is in World War III.

He lists wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, last week's bomb attacks in India, North Korean nuclear threats, terrorist arrests and investigations in Florida, Canada and Britain, and violence in Israel and Lebanon as evidence of World War III.

He said Bush needs to deliver a speech to Congress and "connect all the dots" for Americans.

He said European leaders and some in the Bush administration who are urging a restrained response from Israel are falling short of what needs to be done "because they haven't crossed the bridge of realizing this is a war."

Once that's accepted, he said, "Israel wouldn't leave southern Lebanon as long as there was a single missile there. I would go in and clean them all out, and I would announce that any Iranian airplane trying to bring missiles to resupply them would be shot down. This idea that we have this one-sided war where the other team gets to plan how to kill us and we get to talk, is nuts."

Gingrich was in the area for fundraisers for Congressman Dave Reichert, R-Auburn, 2nd District GOP challenger Doug Roulstone, and the state Republican party.

There is a political element to his talk of World War III. Gingrich said that public opinion can change "the minute you use the language" of World War III. The message then, he said, is, "OK, if we're in the third world war, which side do you think should win?"

Gingrich said he is "very worried" about Republicans facing fall elections and says the party must have the "nerve" to nationalize the elections and make the 2006 campaigns about a liberal Democratic agenda rather than about President Bush's record.

Republicans are now "sailing into the wind" in congressional campaigns. He said, in part, that's because of the Iraq war, adding, "Iraq is hard and painful, and we do not explain it very well." But some of it is due to Republicans' congressional agenda. He said House and Senate Republicans "forgot the core principle" of the party and embraced congressional pork. "Some of the guys," he said, have come down with a case of "incumbentitis."

Democrats have been trying to nationalize the midterm elections and make each race about Bush's record and the Iraq war.

Republicans instead have been trying to localize each race, as in Reichert's challenge from political newcomer Darcy Burner, and make the race about the qualifications and personalities of the candidates, not about a national agenda.

Gingrich says that's a mistake. Republicans, he says, should nationalize the contest, too.

He said that as Democrats make the elections about George Bush, Republicans should make it about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco. He said voters need to be told "how weirdly San Francisco these guys are voting," and Democrats will "collapse in defeat."

"There's going to be a national conversation in October," Gingrich said of the final sprint to the November election. "The only question is whether it's the Republicans defining it or whether we have some nutty idea that we can run local races, and so the entire definition is on the left."

"This is classic — that Gingrich's solution to Bush's failed leadership is a different 'marketing strategy,' " state Democratic Party spokesman Kelly Steele said by e-mail.

"Democrats believe we need a 'tough and smart' strategy that makes 2006 a year of transition in Iraq and aggressively takes the fight to the terrorists, while Gingrich and Bush seek to elect a new crop of loyal rubberstamps — McGavick, Reichert, and Roulstone included — to blindly support and extend their monopoly on their 'tough and dumb' conduct of the war in Iraq and the larger battle against global terrorism."

Culture is Fantasy

Your arguments of culture are all based on fantasy...a social created reality. That's right your culture is as malleable as your sense of reality. You see we humans are symbol users (Burke), we imbue objects with meaning. If we wanted to we could totally change the letter C to some kind of symbol like >~ give it the phonetics of C and there ya go, it does the same thing just looks different.

Let's say a giant reset button was hit (the way things are going in this world you'd think the reset button is going to be hit soon) and the only artifacts future humankind could find were pictures of professional wrestlers. One person in the tribe is convinced that this was the cultural heritage of the Fallen World. She/he happens be a very convincing person and goes out to convince people their cultural heritage is dressing like a wrestler (I'm thinking Hulk Hogan), they must have ritual fake fights to settle disputes, and must all be bulked up dudes and busty women. Enough people see the evidence and believe the speaker, that soon chains out into their world and before you know it the Culture of Hogan is born. Everyone is eating their vitamins, saying their prayers and growing really gay mustaches (well the dudes).

Come to think of it that would make a great sci-fi story. I'd call it The Poor Future or The Once and Future King of the Ring and tell it as the society learns its heritage and chains it out till men are shaving the tops of their head, tanning all day and women are... well what do the women in wrestling do, besides have big boobs?

The Leaning Ivory Tower of Babbel

The Leaning Ivory Tower of Babbel

The academy, academia, whatever you want to call it is a festering pool of groupthink and isolationism. Granted we are under attack by fucking right wing wack jobs who have either never been on a campus or haven't been on one since the 60s when it really was a hotbed of liberalism (as if that were a bad thing). Nevertheless the research we put out is often times useless and just for our own masturbatory purposes. Not to mention the strict hierarchy that is becoming more and more entrenched. Before I get into the main purpose of this screed I'll discuss the hierarchy a bit.

There are certain professors on the editorial boards of some of the higher up journals (and no this is not sour grapes because I haven't been rejected from a can't be rejected when you don't send anything in haw haw!) and they want specific things in the journal. These people also teach/RESEARCH at specific universities where they churn out clones of themselves and help those grad students get published. So they are ensuring the perptuation of painfully borning journals.

I recently cancelled my subscription to my disciplines main/headhoncho journal because it had articles like this

The Male Madonna and the Feminine Uncle Sam: Visual Arguments, Icons, and Ideographs in 1909 Anti-Women Suffrage Postcards.

POSTCARDS!!! Who the fuck cares. I realize you can make an argument that perhaps postcards are lil' messengers that could through their pictures reinforce certain gender hegemony but most people outside the ivory tower of babble don't give a shit. I'm sure you can tell as someone in that tower I don't give a shit either.

Yet there is more and if my memory holds true this one might have been the straw...

Imagining citizenship as friendship in the Big Chill.

The Big Fuckin' Chill! Wow you got on that wave of zeitgeist on time. I'm thinking of writing a paper on the Intercultural Patterns of Communication in the A-Team.

That journal is suppose to be the flagship of my discipline and they are during out drek. Perhaps people might feel the same about my work but with my work I'm trying to make it accessible to people outside this ivory tower and something that can be applied to the outside world that doesn't care about postcards and the big chill (well except that delightful soundtrack).

Friday, July 14, 2006


Hello sexy minions and non-entities. I have a question for you. What would you call a person who revels in the pain and suffering of others if it meant they would be rewarded?

I'm waiting.

Ok they all sound pretty negative. Did anyone of you call them Christians?

If you didn't check out these people.


Wow how low have we sunk

on the pity scale when Mr. T pities Katrina survivors.

PASADENA, Calif. - Mr. T has given himself a makeover. The former television action star shed the piles of gold chains that were his signature look after witnessing the destruction from Hurricane Katrina.

"As a spiritual man, I felt it would be a sin against my God for me to wear all that gold again because I spent a lot of time with the less fortunate," the actor said Thursday at the Television Critics Association's summer meeting.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Middle Eastern and Eastern World they are explodin'

Let's see Israel is entering a new phase of war and has entered Lebanon. This after Palestinians captured an Israeli soldier and Israel responded with attacks and a siege..

Kim Jong Il is launching missiles towards Japan and the US. Japan is getting pissed off and we're a lil' worried.

All in a month.

On the brighter side of things Regis Philbin is NUMBER ONE AGAIN! WOO HOO!

That is real news!


p.s. visit Patton Oswalt's myspace page and website. He's fuckin' funny!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Death to Spyware?

Not too long ago I got me a batch o' spyware that drove me nuts. When uninstalling it the software company had me fill out a "survey" of sorts. Needless to say they received some colorful language from Ole Sexy Phineas. However, I did not threaten their life as most people seem to do. I am not condoning the practice of threatening to kill spyware developers.

This story tells about how we sell out our ethics every day.


Meet the Bureaucrats

Foreign Policy magazine, a great magazine though can be a bit right for me, has a great photo shoot of bureaucrats from all over. Cheney (not that one) and Tompkins (1985) argued that bureaucracies focus too much on rewards for hard work. I think we can all agree that's a load of phooey! And they wrote that in '85.


This Piqued my Interest

I'm not sure what I think about Peak Oil. I know it is a finite resource and we are overly dependant on the yummy oil, but I'm not sure if we have hit the Peak Oil point. I don't know enough about it but I am skeptical of both sides of the argument, more skeptical of the oil companies which makes me skeptical of the peak oil side too. How can that be you ask as you watch me adjust my ascot and light my pipe. Simple the peak oil side works on that pathos. They realize that people like me are going to be skeptical of the oil industry so they offer up an argument that will work on that. Simple. I'm also skeptical in that perhaps the oil industry is behind the peak oil scare. Think about it the most precious resource, next to coffee, suddenly becomes more "scarce" and prices go up.

Nevertheless here is a lil' aussie documentary about peak oil
...enjoy and draw your own conclusions.


Friday, July 07, 2006

A Reminder!

It gets your head hummin'!


Spread 'em!

It appears sexy is in for the season.


"We fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here"

Hey sexy gang do you remember when the Prez said these words?

"We fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here"


There is only one course of action against them: to defeat them abroad before they attack us at home.

Of course you do, it has been a defining aspect of the whole "war on terror". Well I guess all of us who said that line of reasoning was absolute bullshit (like everything else about the war in Iraq) were correct.

Authorities have disrupted planning by foreign terrorists for an attack on New York City tunnels, two law enforcement officials said today.

Now I have a few problems with these recent terrorist plots. First is the first plot was more bullshit. So why was it revealed.

This recent terrorist plot why was it revealed? If you recall running up to the 2004 election it appeared that when ever Bush's approval ratings took a nose dive a new terror alert was issued and his approval ratings would go up. Would the administration use terror alerts for political reasons? You bet they would! Their man Tom Ridge former director of Homeland Security said so.

So why are these new plots coming out in the open now even when there doesn't seem to be much proof that they are a legitimate threat? Could it be Bush's bottoming out approval ratings? And why aren't they using those stupid terror alerts if those terror plots are a real threat? I thought those terror alerts had a purpose other than to scare the beejesus out of the population and make everyone look to their radiant defiant leader?

So what was he saying about we are fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here?


Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Social Machine

Chomsky and Foucault kickin' it old skool.

Gets a bit laggy but hey it's worth the view.

Keep it sexy!


Objectify thy enemy

Recently I wrote a paper on the rhetorical uses of humor during war. I analyzed war cartoons and generated what war humor does rhetorically. I think this baby: How to spot a jap could be a great artifact for a cultural analysis.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

God's Next Army

If you think the culture war is being fought in the political arena for all to see you only know a fraction of the story. The Radical Right are working for the future not the now. They are building "armies" of people who are installed into the political machine.

A British Documentary God's Next Army looks at one of these institutions looking to create their army.

It's much like the Conservative Revolutions of '94. The Radical Right knew they had to create a grassroots uprising. The right acted locally by winning in town races and creating a base of support so that they could grow and get to the federal level.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Tenth Dimension

I know you cats are sitting around imagining what the tenth dimension would be like.

Well I'm here to help you out. Ok I'm not helping you out, this website is and then you can help me out.

I got most of it but is this actually a part of super string theory? or is it silly string theory?


Want to be the sexy part of the sexy professors?

Then my friend take this sex test and see where you rank.

If you rank high enough let us know and perhaps we will let you into the rank and file of the sexy professors.

Just imagine, sexy nights out on the town. Sexy dance parties where the crew from Dance Party USA are still at the top of their game. Sexy slumber parties. And let us not forget our sexy Keg stands as administered by Ricardo Honeyboy and his bevy of Sexy Female Space Banditos. If you're real lucky George Hamilton and Estelle Getty might show up and really sexify the party.


Happy 4th of July

A report for all you celebrants.

The largest safety problem is product misuse rather than product failures, Heckman said. "It's teenagers having bottle rocket wars, parents giving sparklers to 2-year-olds and people having too much to drink and putting firecrackers up their nose."


Monday, July 03, 2006

posting comments

We have noticed a boste in traffic and those that view or comments feel free to post comments, becasue nothing is more sexy than freedom of speech.

Oh say can you see

Well I do aplogize to my other sexy professors for not posting for awhile. I have nothing political to add, but something more on a personal note. I had the pleasure of attending a wedding of some friends last weekend and there several friends who I had not seen in several months due to me living in the deep south in order to spread the sexy professorness. Last time I had seen many of these people I was dating a young lady and well lets just say it did not work out and there was some complications to the relationship. I think most of it had to deal with she could not handle my sexiness and she had issues with it. Well the current love of my life can handel the sexiness (sorry ladies I am off the market) and many of my friends were asking me what happened to (I shall call her X for I am a gentleman and I care not to besmearch her name) X. This was followed by, well I heard part of the story and that X was a whore. I had to chuckle to myself, becasue my friends are the best. It makes me happy to know that my friends have this sexy professors back and when they need some advice on being sexy I am there for them. Well I am off to catch a plane back to up the sexiness to south for another month. To my other sexy professors I will try to post more often.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Forgive me

Forgive me for the poor writing in the previous post.

The Illusion of Freedom

This is an interview with George Carlin. I don't want to say comedian George Carlin because George is pretty much a philosopher who tells jokes. I was watching this and was debating whether or not to post this because he was making points I wasn't sure I wanted to be associated with? I don't hold his belief that Americans are all fucking stupid (all the time). I believe we all have the capability to be smart but we either choose not to be, are held down for various reasons, or we are in fact fucking stupid. So I was leaning towards not showing this video, and also I've been trying to not post so many youtube shit.

But then around 6:10 George got into something that made me want to post. I had been planning on discussing in a post the illusion of freedom and how it is being taken over by the concept of capitalistic freedom. People equate our freedom with our freedom to purchase and yet are willing to let the government spy on us for reasons that are at best retarded. Do you honestly think the terrorists don't know their phones are going to be tapped? If you've ever seen any mob movie almost invariably they feature a part where the mob have codes and signs to deal with phone taps. Do you really think the terrorists dont' have the same thing? You see we are duped into believing purchasing is power "purchase power". We are duped into believing that a choice of soda is "choice" it is "freedom". They hate us for our freedoms but we're going to slowly errode those freedoms so they dont' hate us as much.

So I was working on a post for the illusion of freedom, but then along came this video. I've always been one to believe that the truth is better swallowed when coated in a joke.