Friday, July 21, 2006

Colbert and Cocaine are fun!

I've been a big fan of Stephen Colbert since he first appeared on the Daily Show not long before Jon Stewart came aboard. Since then my adimiration for the man has grown and grown and now he enters the pantheon of comic geniuses.


Thursday night's segment produced a new "high" or low for the "Colbert Report" show, depending on your outlook...

Rep. Robert Wexler, a Democrat who represents the Boca Raton area in Florida, skated through the first part of the interview segment with good humor...

His final approach on Thursday was to point out to Wexler that since he was basically unopposed for re-election this year he could probably say anything and it would not hurt him at all. So Colbert said, now this is "just kidding," but why don't you say that you use cocaine because "it is fun"?

Wexler laughed and amiably repeated "Because it's fun." Presumably he does not use cocaine, but he went along with the gag. Colbert, trying to get him clearly on the record, then said, no, say the whole thing, and Wexler dutifully replied: "I use cocaine because it's fun."

Then Colbert got him to say the same thing about seeing prostitutes-- and finally that using cocaine and prostitutes at the same time was really fun.


You know you won G!

The wet teeshirt contest muthfucka!



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