Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I'm just going to post the snippet and the link. It's hard work being sexy all the time so I'm feeling a bit lazy.

The mammal’s environment exerts a survival pressure for high fidelity senses and responses, which require massively parallel processing, and thus the mammal’s large brain. Internal to the mammal is a vast and complex community of cells, organs, sub-systems, --- exerting instead a pressure for intelligence on its dwellers. Intelligence requires exceptionally fast processing of sequential logic, and thus a very small (in fact sub-cellular) processor.

The middle-ear-parasitic insect, 50M years in that intelligence-pressured environment, had an additional crucial advantage: the ability to genetically pass its knowledge to subsequent generations. It is hypothesized that that insect acquired a superior sub-cellular logic processor, and 6M years ago introduced it into the Chimp’s genome, causing its ‘overnight’ transformation to intelligent Man. A rare en-masse ear infestation case, supportive of this hypothesis is summarized, and additionally offers a physical model for schizophrenia, --- a baffling mystery in psychiatry today.



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