Friday, July 28, 2006

Fight the Power!

So you want to download music but you are afraid of an fucking crazy RIAA lawsuit?

Before I give you the link to how you can fight an RIAA lawsuit and win I want to rant about the RIAAs lawsuits against their own fucking customers.

First off they blame slumping sales on file transfers why don't they look at a variety of other reasons like THEY ARE CHURNING OUT SHIT! The same old shit over and over. Not it's not them it's got to be the people who keep them afloat.

Second, it's not as simple as they want you to believe. With new technology comes new and different problems for dinosaurs. There are a shitload of variables involved with what the RIAA wants you to think is and either/or situation.

Finally, even parasites try not to kill their host. So what does that make the record industry? A cancer?

So you want to download but dont' want to lose thousands of dollars on a law suit? Then use this defense and download away.



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