Friday, July 28, 2006

Huffing for a Brighter Future

When I was a young sexy lad I had a friend who was all into the "huffing scene". He and a couple friends I didn't like were all about the nailpolish. I didn't get into it because, well, something didn't seem right about sitting around breathing into a plastic bag full of nail polish.

That friend actually went on to become a crackhead, long after we parted ways. It might actually make a good after-school special about the gateway properties of huffing. I even have a great slogan for the show: "He went from nail polish to polishing knobs for crack!" To be honest I don't know if he gave any blowjobs for crack but hey I only have to say "Its BASED on true events."

Since then I've heard of all sorts of ways of huffin:. Butane on my brain, the classy paint huffer, and going where no huffer has gone before. But now we are entering a new age of huffing, the Grandma Age of Huffing.

Come to think of it there is someone in our program that smells of mothballs and cheap grandma perfume (SHES IN HER 40S!!!!) and she is always laughing about the stupidest things. Perhaps she's hopped up on mothballs (not goofballs)?



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