Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Leaning Ivory Tower of Babbel

The Leaning Ivory Tower of Babbel

The academy, academia, whatever you want to call it is a festering pool of groupthink and isolationism. Granted we are under attack by fucking right wing wack jobs who have either never been on a campus or haven't been on one since the 60s when it really was a hotbed of liberalism (as if that were a bad thing). Nevertheless the research we put out is often times useless and just for our own masturbatory purposes. Not to mention the strict hierarchy that is becoming more and more entrenched. Before I get into the main purpose of this screed I'll discuss the hierarchy a bit.

There are certain professors on the editorial boards of some of the higher up journals (and no this is not sour grapes because I haven't been rejected from a can't be rejected when you don't send anything in haw haw!) and they want specific things in the journal. These people also teach/RESEARCH at specific universities where they churn out clones of themselves and help those grad students get published. So they are ensuring the perptuation of painfully borning journals.

I recently cancelled my subscription to my disciplines main/headhoncho journal because it had articles like this

The Male Madonna and the Feminine Uncle Sam: Visual Arguments, Icons, and Ideographs in 1909 Anti-Women Suffrage Postcards.

POSTCARDS!!! Who the fuck cares. I realize you can make an argument that perhaps postcards are lil' messengers that could through their pictures reinforce certain gender hegemony but most people outside the ivory tower of babble don't give a shit. I'm sure you can tell as someone in that tower I don't give a shit either.

Yet there is more and if my memory holds true this one might have been the straw...

Imagining citizenship as friendship in the Big Chill.

The Big Fuckin' Chill! Wow you got on that wave of zeitgeist on time. I'm thinking of writing a paper on the Intercultural Patterns of Communication in the A-Team.

That journal is suppose to be the flagship of my discipline and they are during out drek. Perhaps people might feel the same about my work but with my work I'm trying to make it accessible to people outside this ivory tower and something that can be applied to the outside world that doesn't care about postcards and the big chill (well except that delightful soundtrack).


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