Monday, July 10, 2006

This Piqued my Interest

I'm not sure what I think about Peak Oil. I know it is a finite resource and we are overly dependant on the yummy oil, but I'm not sure if we have hit the Peak Oil point. I don't know enough about it but I am skeptical of both sides of the argument, more skeptical of the oil companies which makes me skeptical of the peak oil side too. How can that be you ask as you watch me adjust my ascot and light my pipe. Simple the peak oil side works on that pathos. They realize that people like me are going to be skeptical of the oil industry so they offer up an argument that will work on that. Simple. I'm also skeptical in that perhaps the oil industry is behind the peak oil scare. Think about it the most precious resource, next to coffee, suddenly becomes more "scarce" and prices go up.

Nevertheless here is a lil' aussie documentary about peak oil
...enjoy and draw your own conclusions.



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