Monday, August 28, 2006

Help a Sexy Prof Out!

And not in the "prison" way 0r "my girlfriend is gone and a hole is a hole" way. I mean in the way that will allow me to get free power. I don't mean power like influence over others though that would be pretty cool. In fact help me get power by doing what I say so that i can get others to do what I say. Just think about it all of you with a sense of collectiveness doing what I say, it would really make you feel like you are a part of something. That something being the Free Power Movement where people come together to give free power to me!

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah. Free Power. You see there is really only one thing I can do well with my hands, or hand, and until we figure out a way to harness that power (and if we could we'd never have to worry again) we have to find alternative sources of power. Wind power is one of them. Now this is where you, my clumisiness, and free power come in. You can build your own Wind Generator! When I say you and your I mean You and me and my: You can build me my own Wind Generator!

You see that way I can get free power and with free power I don't have to pay for power and when I'm not paying for power I can use that time to think of ways to get more abstract forms of power; like getting YOU to build ME a WIND GENERATOR!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not much wind in MS of the natural blowing type. If we could just come up with a BS wind catcher...

10:33 PM  

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