Friday, September 08, 2006

Mutual construction of reality

Hey kiddies let's have fun and create our own little world. What better way to create a world than through the entertainment industry. Today we are going to remember classic lines from moves that never were...Who could forget:

"We've got to ge this glitter past the rockies!"

Who could forget?

"If she eats one more pancake we'll see just who has the most fun."

I know I will never forget

"Get off my TUNA TROLLER!"

and of course

"Dear god I've never seen so many mustaches."

I don't care how many childrens' skulls I must crush; everyone will soon realize AMERICA LOVES CONRAD BAIN!"

"Get these muthafuckin' hair dressers off this muthafuckin' go-cart!"

"*Gasp!* It appears....we've been...BEDAZZLED!"

"We'll be back! Back with nuclear weapons!!" Oh wait that was a real quote from a real movie.

Perhaps you non-entities remember lines from movies that never were. Feel free to add your own.


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